Friday, 29 February 2008

Yekosfati Engur

Minsiter of Culture and Community Development. Liquidated.

Abdu Kato

engineer Uganda Hotels

Mr Okurut

Lawyer in Soroti

Natolo Masaba

Mbale politician

Mr Wafula

Senior Police Officer.

Capt Azo

Ugandan Army

Captain Ausi

Ugandan Army

Kamau Gitau

Kenyan Businessman

Mr Tomusange

East African Railways employee

A. Owuor

East African Railways Employee

J. Okech-Omara

East African Railways Employee.

Mr Mulekezi

District Commissioner, Bukedi

Mr Ocungi

Police C.i.d

Henry Berunga

Director, East African Railways.

Mr Ruhesi

Town Engineer, Jinja

Mr Nakibinge

Former Mayor of Kampala

Mr Nshekanabo

Manager, Rock Hotel, Tororo.

Dr Lubega

Manager of the Nile Mansion

Edward Kizito



Bulasio Kavuma

Old Buganda Statesman

Murdered in Cold Blood

Mr Sekitoleko

Businessman, Masaka.

James Buwembo



Comment Added (14th Oct 2010)

Paul Bitature

Businessman of Mbarara and former official of the East African Community.

Killed although his relatives had paid the ten thousand shillings ($1500 at the time) in ransom.

Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985

 By A. Kasozi

Father Mukasa

(Priest) Masaka.

F. Wawuyo

Deputy Head of Police, C.I.D


Mr Simbwa

Engineer, Lugazi Sugar Works

Mr Waisi

Bugisu Coffee Union

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Captain Kayongo

Ugandan Army (killed John Kakonge and was then killed himself in 1977).

Captain Wolukusanga

Ugandan Army

Bagenda said...
Murdered in 1973. A Captain in Uganda Army. Was a friend The late J D Bagenda and a resident of Lungujja Kampala.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Paul Serwanga

On March 5, 1976, a student of the Faculty of Law at Makerere University, Paul Serwanga, was shot dead by an army captain who had developed an interest in his (Serwanga) girlfriend.

Okot (Tailor)

Okot was a tailor in Kasenke (Kampala)

He was abducted in broad day-light by state-research boys, and forced in the boot of a mercedes benz. The witness remembers part of the number plate as UGG, Mercedes 220. He was never seen again. In the process of his arrest, one of the murderers, clad in a bell-bottom trouser and dark glasses helped himself to Okot's wrist watch.

(Was Okot your relative, or did you know him, do you know anything about this incident?) Please enter details in the comments section

Major Festo Oyet

Killed by Idi Amin.

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Brother of Mzee Eryazali Lupiria Oola

Ochieng was the District Commissioner Arua District. He was brutally murdered by Amin in 1971.

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Friday, 8 February 2008

Baby 1

Thrown into river Kafu around 1978 when hidden money was found in his/her nappy.

Solomon Akena

Amin got rid of friends and foes alike

Amin promulgated a decree, as usual on the radio, directing security men to shoot on sight anyone suspected to be a Kondo (burgler). . Solomon Akena and his friend wer playing on an open ground in Kitgum. While chasing each other, a landrover driven by a soldier approached and Akena was shot dead.

Captain Okello

Picked up, shot and dumped at Karum falls. He crawled up, surfed the cataracts, avoiding the crocodiles and lions and reached a former Mowlem camp site nearby. He had treatment. Weaving through hazards, he finally fled to TZ

Major Obote

Air Commander. He had turned down Captain Obonyo's request to strafe Entebbe Airport and Amin's hideouts. He was picked up by people he ordered not to be bombed and murdered at Bobi, 16 kM FROM HIS BASE IN gULU.

Raymond Okidi

Working in Local Government. Killed with three others. They were summonsed by Amin to explain or report progress etc. Unfortunately some unknown people privately contradicted their reports and Amin executed them instantly.

His son was called "Sunday". Anyone with information please add in the comments section.

Odong brother of Okwera

Slain in broad day light in Gulu town by intelligence agents.

Lagony Okello

Shot in Gulu custom corner by armed Amin's men from Chui battalion. The late Lagony was residing at the residence of the late Lapwony Eromiya Opiyo about 1978. He died in front of a club known as Disco. His body was left there for school children to see. Ladujah was a child who saw and can verify.

Oyoo (shop keeper)

Lira palwo trading centre, Ocaya. Shot dead as he tried to flee in 1974-5.

Okwera (Agency)

Killed with his brother

Wengbitum said...
Okwera and his older brother Agweto Nyeko were gunned down right infront of their hotel (New Acholi Lodge) on the main street and left there. The bodies were burried at home by family. This happened on or about 17th February 1977 on or about 10 am. This was the same time when those of the late Archbishop were murdered in Kampala. Their death was also in the national news - reported as two persons who were shot while resisting arrest for consealing weapons which were coup plot. Nyeko managed the Hotel which was one of the most popular in town those days. Apparently Okwera was followed by security agents as he walked in the New Acholi Lodge. They tried to forcefully take him with them. When Nyeko saw that he tried to intervene to protect his brother. When they had almost overpowered the agents, the were shot and killed.

Ocaya "Pici"

Shop keeper in Ogom trading center. from Kaka Pukor.

Arrested at night by Amin's soldiers in 1975. His body hasn't been found. One of his son's was called Samuel Baker.

(If you have further information Re: Okot Pici, please write it in the comments section)

Ochan Adanya (Lapwony)

A teacher from Patongo Primary School. Taken by Amin's soldiers and beheaded on trumped up charges in 1975


Resident of Gulu, killed in 1979. His two sons used his name Odida. One was known as "Odii" Cricket


Military Man. Daughters include Diana Achan


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Shot dead by one of Amin's colonels in a bar at Natete and lied that the girl whom the deceased was flirting with was his wife? The colonel was jailed for eight years and freed by the current regime.

Major Kakuhikire

Army Headquarters

Killed by Amin

Prince Ruhinda

Major General William Ndahendekire

Killed by Amin

Major Katabarwa



Full names unknown, but this is the Father of Alfred Akena, Agoda/Godfrey Nyeko/ Odonga/ Akumu / Ayaa and Ocaya.

Ocaya developed mental problems in the 1980s, once causing commotion i.e high speed chase by driving away Lt.Chana's car.


Murdered in cold blood by Amin's regime 1976

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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Dr Sembeguya

General Practitioner, Kawempe

Murdered in cold blood

C. Obalim

Uganda Army.

Murdered in cold blood

Caxton Njuki

Killed by Amin

Dr Barlow

Killed by Amin

Dan Parma

Galabuzi Mukasa

Anna Kampi

Killed by Amin

George Kamba

Ambassador to india and West Germany


Sunday, 3 February 2008


Ladit won Kilega

Otim (omin Oloko ki winyo)

Otim omin Oloko ki winyo madit wod pa Daudi Odoch me Bwobo Ma Nam, lakwa Lugali-jo pa Onywange gi,

Eunoka Lajul omin wora (Lakwa Abili Codomo me patuda) Omin Latigo Lapoti,

Killed by Amin between 21st - 25th September 1972 together with Odur Odula near Mutukula.

Contributer's identity has been witheld.

Robert Bob Onono

Ladit wod pa Langole me i onywange- obedo ladit me Kabale Prison ki neko en sometime between 1977-78. He was a great man, fast talker and a sharp wit.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Simayo Oryem

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Captain Saverio Owiny

Popularly known as "Save". Liquidated in 1975. He was based in Makindye Military Establishment
He was residing at Old Kampala. His body has never been found. He just vanished.

Captain Kop-tuwa

Vanished in 1975, please standby for details. Kop-tuwa was in charge of artillery, 1975

Mr Wamalwa

Saif Ibrahim: Ibrahim recalls the case of a rich businessman who had run away to Kenya but was kidnapped in Nairobi and repatriated. "This man, Mr Wamalwa, I pitied him . . . they took a lot of money from him trying to buy his freedom, but in the end they killed him all the same. I knew Mr Wamalwa and I used to talk to him while in custody."

R.L Kisajja

Personnel Manager, Nyanza Textiles Industries, was also killed in 1972. Kisajja is brother the brother of Henry Kyemba, who served in Amin's Government.

Otto from Bobi

Uganda Police Officer: Brother of Labongo from Bobi. Father of the late journalist Radio Uganda presenter Ronald Mike Ochan (RIP)

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Of Lacekocot: Father of Kamao or "Amao"(RIP).

Grand son of Awic

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