Friday, 29 March 2013

Lt. Ben Ogwang

, former intelligence officer at Malire Regiment

Ben Ogwang reads a confession / "plot" he was killed shortly afterwards.

Basil Bataringaya

Obote's Minister of Internal Affairs

Basil Bataringaya was dismembered alive outside the town of Mbarara and his severed head displayed on the end of a pole. His wife too was killed soon after, allegely by Juma Bahir, the Governor of Western Province.

Source: Uganda Since Independence. A Story of Unfulfilled Hopes.
Africa World Press, Inc.
P.O.Box 1892
Trenton, N.J.08607
@ Phares Mutibwa, 1992

First American edition 1992
Originated by C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers)Ltd. London England
ISBN: 0-86543-357 PB

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Major Ojul Ogol

Murdered by Amin in 1979

Mr Marino Paito

Murdered by Amin in August 1971. He was based in Jinja.

Mr Apollo Lawoko

Survived cruelty dehumanisation and torture. We thank God he survived to tell the tale in his book. THE DUNGEONS OF NAKASERO

The dungeons of NakaseroWodOkello LawokoCirkapris: 250:-Utgivningsår: 2005Språk: engelskaAntal sidor: 336Utförande: limbundenISBN: 91-7910-691Beställningsadress: WodOkello LawokoStångholmsbacken 56, 4tr127 40 SkärholmenTelefon: 08-710 38 65

The real Amin:

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Eng P.M.O Onen

Was arrested by Amin's henchmen, ArchBishop Luwum's intervention saved his life.
He survived by going into exile. His account of what took place is in his book "The diary of an obedient servant during misrule"
JANyeko Publishing Centre Ltd
ISBN 9970-510-02-0

Friday, 15 March 2013

Mr Sirayo Yona Nyeko

New book reveals impact of Amin’s bloody rule

By George Murumba
15th Aug 2011:

The new book
The daughter of one of former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin’s many victims has written a book called ‘The Silent Sunset’ which talks about her late father Mr. Sirayo Yona Nyeko, a prominent Acholi from Kitgum who was one of the people killed in 1977 during Idi Amin’s reign of terror.
In an email to Uganda Correspondent, the author, Ms Jennifer Nyeko-Jones, who is a practising Lawyer in the United Kingdom says, “…the book is a biography of my father Sirayo Yona Nyeko, one of Amin’s victims, who we lost in 1977”.
She then sets out the things that inspired her to write ‘The Silent Sunset’. “…I have felt the need to preserve his [her father’s] memory, and by so doing, write his story”, author says. The other reason, she says, is that “…very little has been written about Amin’s victims, their lives, and the lives of their families who still endure the pain that Amin’s brutality inflicted on them”.
Finally, Jennifer says, she “…wanted to change the mindset that people have, that whenever they talk about Amin’s victims, only the manner of their deaths are discussed, but not what they stood for, or their contributions to their country Uganda”

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Keneri Odoch

, Treasurer of Gulu ALG Gulu

Killed by Amin 1972

He was arrested at a meeting in Kitgum.  He was thrown in Karumba bridge.  Killed together with Okot Tobias

Father of Pastor Dick and Richard Odoch who has forgiven Amin. Richard's other brother is Col.W Ochora.

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Photo: Mr. Dan Woodings at Karuma Bridge in 1979, one of the many places where bodies of murdered victims were disposed.

Dan Wooding and Ray Barnett at Karuma Falls, Uganda,

Friday, 1 March 2013

John Tidhamulala

Secretary, National Insurance Corporation.

in early 1973, members of the Public Safety Unit burst into the corporations building in Kampala, arrested the Cariman Mr Wekiro and te Secretary Mr Tidhamulala. They hit them repeatedly in front of their staff, forced them into waiting cars. They drove to the HQters of PSU naguru. By the time they arrived the secretary was dead. Wekiro the chairman survived.

Dr George Ebine

Mulago Hospital


Major Emmanuel Ogwal fled to Dr Ebine's house in Nakasero. He was pursued and from a vantage point on the roof, he wiped out six soldiers in a Land Rover plus the reinforcement that followed. A roop carrier despatched from Malire afterwards overturned at clock tower, Entebbe road roundabout killing eleven men. By the time the house was blown up, 25 rebels had died, Ogwal had ran out of bullets and was killed. Dr Ebine who had no idea that Ogwal had taken refuge in his house, wask killed in an operating theatre at Mulago Hospital. A patient he was operating on was left to die.