Thursday, 30 January 2020

Mr Masembe Yusuf Ssewanyana

Brooke Bond (OXO)

Masembe the Manager of Broke Bond Tea Factory was executed for his failure to provide sufficient quantitites of tea for Amin's exports to pay for his imported luxury.
"Mr Masembe Yusuf Ssewanyana"

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Blogger Trudy said...
My name is Gertrude Masembe a daughter to the late Masembe Yusuf Ssewanyana. I did not live to see my father because he did barely before i made 3years. I have over the years been wondering why my father was murdered and i want to thank The author of "Atrocities of Amin" for having answered this question on my heart. To daddy i miss you and may your soul rest in eternal peace.
14 December 2009 01:24
Blogger Julie said...
Daddy, even when years are long past, the pain never seems to heal. It is sad that you died such a painful death. Juliet Nabyonga Masembe
23 September 2010 10:33
Blogger Henry said...
Dad, I am honored to be your child and to have shared my early childhood days with you. It is sad that you left us so early. Even though we cannot physically see you, you will always live in our hearts until that glorious day when we meet again (eye-to-eye). Life has been hard without you dad, but the good Lord has been kind to us. I will always love you
Henry Masembe Katumwa
8 November 2010 11:29
Blogger TIMOTHY said...
Daddy, am timothy, its a pity that you died such a terrible death, in your death, may we as your children have even more faith to stand together as one, may God guide us in all our work and always remember to keep hope alive.
We shall always remember your love and hard work.
To my bro henry katumwa in the US, we miss you.
God bless.
30 December 2010 00:46