Monday, 29 December 2014

Alex Ojera

Alex Ojera; right.

Obote's Minister of Information.

Killed in 1972

Sunday, 28 December 2014

John Okello (Field Marshall)

The Field Marshall who liberated Zanzibar and Pemba

On January 12, 1964, with popular support from the Island’s oppressed native African majority, Okello and his men fought their way to the capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town, where the Sultan lived. Even though they were poorly armed, Okello and his men surprised the police force of Zanzibar and they took over power.

The self proclaimed Field Marshal there after created the Revolutionary Council and named the leader of the Afro-Shirazi Party, Abeid Karume as President. Karume was residing in Tanganyika, but returned to Zanzibar, where he was welcomed by Okello. Afterwards, Okello appeared to be too unstable to play any role in government of the new country and was quietly sidelined from the political scene by President Karume, who only allowed him to retain his title of Field Marshal. But after two months, he was captured and declared a prohibited immigrant while he was in Tanganyika, then later sent to Kenya. He was incarcerated multiple times and was allegedly last seen with the Ugandan President Idi Amin in 1971 and vanished afterwards.

Killed by Amin:
In the book “Revolution of Zanzibar”, written by Don Petterson, 
Idi Amin saw him as a threat (after Amin promoted himself Okello reportedly joked that "now Uganda has two field marshals" and had arranged his assassination.

Okello is a born of Iyama village, Alebtong Parish, Aloi Sub-county, Moroto county, Alebtong District (Formerly part of Lira District), Lango Sub-region. He is survived by two wives and children. According to family sources, he left his home village at 15 and set out on his own and found work in several places within East Africa. Okello left for Pemba and Zanzibar in 1959 and 1963 respectively where he lived and worked as a clerk, manservant, gardener and later on a police officer.
More importantly, the dependants of the late Field Marshal Okello live in chronic and abject poverty. I therefore appeal to the Government of Uganda in conjunction with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to honestly come in and extend a hand of help aimed at salvaging the plight of Field Marshal John Okello’s dependants.
The writer is MP for Ajure County

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Otim Oryem

He was apprehended.... by security men. He was quietly led away to an underground subway. Otim could not allow himself to be interrogated and tortured.....
That fateful morning of 15th July 1975 died a true, and perhaps the most courageous son of uganda and one of the last Oryems........
God bless Acholi

Thursday, 18 December 2014

'Jolly Joe' J.W. Kiwanuka

Journalist, MP and former president of Uganda National Congress

Long-time politician / Murdered in cold blood.

Joseph Kiwanuka had the dubious distinction of being killed by Idi Amin himself. First, however, he was kept in Makindye Prison/barracks for several days of torture. On the day of his execution, Amin and a top official named Malire determined to beat him to death with hammers. They intended to drag out the ordeal and prolong his suffering, but as Joseph began to pray out loud for the forgiveness of their sins, Amin went into an uncontrollable rage, grabbed a nearby sledge hammer, dashed out his brains.

Amin then cut off his head and practiced blood rituals over his remains. Recognizing Jolly Joe as the smartes man in Uganda he stored his head in a deep freezer, superstitiously believeing that he could thus appropriate his ability to think.

Jolly Joe Kiwanuka has found the Kingdom!

Adapted from A Distant Grief by F. Kefa Sempangi.

Drama Queen said...
This is my Grandad, he was a great man, he died fighting for what he believed in. and he lives forever in our hearts, his multitude of grand children are all propelled by the memory of his nobility, unshakeable sense of right and wrong, and his voice that tore through the threats of dictatorship and reached his beloved people of Uganda. I'm very proud to carry his name Melinda Nampiima KIWANUKA.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tobias Okot

From Palaro,

Killed together with Keneri Odoch.  Thrown over Karuma bridge

Karuma Bridge where Tobias Okot (RIP), Keneri Odoch (RIP) and an unspecified number of Amin's murdered victims were thrown.


Doreen okot said...
Daddy rest in peace, your children & grandchildren miss you so much!!! I never knew my dad I was only 5 yrs old when he was taken away , I have very little memory of that day, 2 to 3 land rovers full of soldiers arrived and took him away and we never saw him again! You will always be missed dad, there isn't a day that goes by and I wished he had met his grand children!! RIP Dad xxx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Norah Auma

Daughter of Ladit Oryem Aloni(RIP), Brother of Otim Oryem(RIP), Keneri Obita (RIP), Odur Odula (PIP) , Eng Onen. With the exception of Onen, all these siblings were mercilessly killed by Amin. Eng Onen missed narrowly.

She was falsely accused by one Tindiri, a Nubian and a bus conductor with Badrudin Bus Company. Nora was picked up from her house and stories stitched together months later suggested she was killed two days later in a brutal and dehumanising manner.....
A soldier who hails from serere admitted to killing two women on order. Their remains were never located.

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Benoni Ochan

One of the first civilian casualties. A Uganda TV personality/news reader. He was a heavy weight boxer and floored Amin many times in the boxing ring. 

He was picked from a Kampala Road restaurant and killed soon after the coup. He was a most sociable and friendly person like his father. Those who knew his father were surprised and upset by the senselessness of the killing.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Gertrude Alanyo

Gertrude Alanyo was kidnapped on the 28th of August 1972 by state agents from Gulu Army barracks - till now.

Source: New Vision Newspaper

Friday, 20 June 2014

John Oryang

John Oryang second from left next to Obita Achellam.
Killed 1971.

Magistrate in Arua, lived in Awindiri, Orpahned Daughters were: Piloya, Atim, Duka, Margaret, Rose.
The late was picked from a court session and mercilessly murdered for no apparent reason other than being born an Acholi.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Shaban Kirunda Nkutu

Nkutu was a minister under former President Milton Obote, who was overthrown by Amin in a coup, and the uncle of Amin's first wife. His 1973 killing shocked Ugandans

Killed in 1973:

Wanume Kibedi Nkutu's nephew wrote this to Amin: "SHABAN NKUTU, my own uncle, was abducted from his home at Jinja in January 1973. Local citizens put v.p a determined fight to try and save him, but they were overwhelmed by the gang of assassins. The following day you ordered a statement to be put out saying that Nkutu had run away, and that anybody who saw him should inform the police. At the time of Nkutu's public abduction I was in Ghana leading my country's delegation to the OAU Liberation Committee of which I was outgoing Ch.airman. When I heard of the officia, statement alleging that Nkutu had "run away", I knew he must have been liquidated because, as every Ugandan knew, that was the kind of statement you liked to issue to cover up the work of your assassins.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Okot YY

Top Right

Executed on trumped up charges in 1977

In september 1977, Amin publicly executed 12 people he accused of plotting against his government. Those executed at the Kampala Clock Tower on september 9, in what was termed “Death in the afternoon”, included Y.Y. Okot, former chief of education; John Leji Olobo, senior relations officer of ministry of works; Elias Okidi-Menya, former general manager of lake victoria bottling co; g Garison S. Onono, former principal of bobi foundation school; Julius Peter Adupa, former teacher in lira; Ben Ongom, businessman; Abdalla Anyuru, former chairman of the uganda public service commission; lt. Ben Ogwang, former intelligence officer at malire regiment; Daniel Nsereko, former assistant commissioner of police; Peter Atua, former principal officer with luzira prison; e. N. Mutabazi, former superintendent of prisons; John Kabandize, former senior superintendent of prisons.

The notorious col. Nassur Abdallah, the central province governor, had by this stage developed a dislike for slippers, which he considered bathroom attire. Once caught wearing slippers in the city centre, apart from being made to eat them, one was spirited off to nakasero state research bureau. Countless numbers of ugandans perished in the dungeons there.

paul12 said...
This was Uganda's hour of shame
Paul London UK

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Keneri Obita Achellam

Killed in 1972

Very little has been written about Amin’s victims, their lives, and the lives of their families who still endure the pain that Amin’s brutality inflicted on them.

We hope to change the mindset that people have, i.e. whenever they talk about Amin’s victims, only the manner of their deaths are discussed, but not what they stood for, or their contributions to their country Uganda.

As people who were alive during that era die one by one due to old age, natural causes or other calamities, it is our hope that some will share what they know about any of the victims herein.  Information can either be written on the comments section of the victims herein, or discreetly sent to this address

Monday, 3 February 2014

5th March 1971. 371 soldiers killed

371 Soldiers are believed to have been killed at Makindye barracks.

Frugence Musoke

Cousin of Nanziri

Genesis of murder:

According to Jane Mukasa Sserunjoji, prior to the kidnap of Nanziri, the same men from State Research Bureau had picked up Nanziri's best friend and cousin, Frugence Musoke who they allegedly used as bait to take away Nanziri from her residence without resistance or attracting attention from University students. Musoke then an accountant with East African Development Bank has never been seen again and relatives believe he was also killed. The kidnap and murder of Nanziri followed many other unexplained incidents at Makerere University that put Amin's regime under a magnifying glass.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Mr Ben Kiwanuka

Benedict Kiwanuka; Democratic Party leader, first Prime minister of Uganda and Chief Justice at the time of his death. Kiwanuka had angered Amin by releasing a European, for lack of evidence, on the ridiculous charge of stealing a telephone directory from a hotel.

Mystery of Ben Kiwanuka's Murder.

Ben Kiwanuka to be remembered:

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Frank Kalimuzo

Vice Chancellor of Makerere

Murdered by Idi Amin in Cold Blood.

He was picked from his official residence and killed later at Makindye. Amin had on several occasions accused Kalimuyzo, who was from Bufunbiro/risoro, of being a spy for the government of Rwanda - and for Amin this suspicion was conclusive.

He was appointed as Vice Chancellor of the newly formed Makerere University by President Apollo Milton Obote. At the time, the President of Uganda doubled as Chancellor. In his brief occupancy of the office, Commerce, Forestry, Law and Technology disciplines were added to those on offer. Veterinary Medicine, which was being offered at Nairobi University, was introduced at Makerere while Music, Dance and Drama became diploma subjects. The main Library and Albert Cook Medical Library were extended in 1972. Kalimuzo was murdered during Idi Amin’s time as President. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mr Mateo Auko

He was the third born of seven, he studied in Pajule, he used to walk six miles to (and from) school. After finishing his junior education, he joined the Police force. He excelled and studied in the UK at the Police academy in Hendon and he studied in Sandhurst as well.

Auko (RIP) was chief of CID. Auko's death is inextricably linked to Okoya's murder, as Auko was one of the investigators into Okoya's murder.

The late Auko was killed as he travelled to Jinja. The exact location is unclear, but it is between Iganga and Jinja. This was a conspiracy (involving Amin) to cover Okoya's murderers.

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