Monday, 29 December 2008

Lt Col Abwola

Killed by Amin,

Amin had wanted his wife.

Major Emmanuel Ogwal

Ugandan Army.

Major Emmanuel Ogwal was chased through the center of Kampala by Amin's soldiers. He took refuge in a doctor's house and was killed during a shoot-out that we all heard from our offices.......

Amin's boys triumphantly brought Ogwal's driving license to Amin in my presence, as proof of their success.

Source Henry Kyemba former Minister in Amin's govt

Sunday, 28 December 2008

R. Seidle

lecturer; Makerere University, killed by Amin

Francis Walugembe

Kabaka's Minister of Natural Resources and former Mayor Masaka under Obote.

Killed by Lt. Malyamugu.

In September 1972, Walugembe was arrested, had his genitals cut off and was paraded through the streets before being killed and dismembered. So violent and brutal is Malyamungu. His modes of execution are as atrocious as anything imaginable. He is fond of disemboweling. Along with several other officers, he is known to have executed is victims by having them run over by tanks......(H. Kyemba)

Peter Paul Oketta

Asst. Commissioner of Prisons.

Santa is the wife

Killed by Amin

Nathan Komakech

Gunned down by Amin's Soldiers 1979

Olobo Leji

Killed 1977

Lt Woolly Odong

Acholi and Langi soldiers and pilots who were training aborad were recalled and killed. Odong was in Italy. A telegram sent by the Army reached him. He was murdered after torture.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Janario Obwona

Killed in Mbarara 1972

Martin Okello

DP Member of Parliament, killed by Amin

John Kakonge

Minister of Agriculture in Obote's government, Killed by Amin

Nehemiah Bananuka

UPC Secretary of Ankole district.

In 1972 in Mbarara he raised the UPC flag he had saved for nearly 2 years two welcome the fighters. He was murdered and hhis entire family was annihilated.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Mass Murder (Malire)

Thirty two senior Langi and Acholi officers were herded into a room and blown up with explosives.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Senior Superintendent Oketa

Uganda Police

Killed by Amin in 1971