Wednesday, 17 February 2016

John Ntesibe

February 17,  2016

The jailed footballer who carried Archbishop Luwum’s body

“We, however, got a major shock on seeing the third body. It obviously belonged to a religious man who was dressed in religious attire and with a red collar around his swollen neck.
Because his face was in a very bad shape, apparently as a result of torture (being a Catholic) I first mistook him to be Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga who was then the Archbishop of Kampala. However on more careful observation, I came to realise that this one was much taller and darker.”

Ntensibe is the one who carried the archbishop’s body to the store or cell and according to him, he seemed to have died a few minutes or hours before since he could still feel the warmth of the body. The archbishop’s body had a very deep bullet wound in the head and it appeared he had died after being shot in the head or face because unlike the other two, the rest of his body appeared a bit alright.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mr Lakayana Acika-CYO

Extremely touching,humbling,vicious and haunting yes the naked and extreme satanic,barbaric,evil and diabolical tortures unleashed on our people.My late father [Mr.Lakayana-Acika-CYO] a pioneer Radio Journalist and Broadcater met his death at Nakaserro Dungeon that fateful day in Feburary 11th 1977 together with his best friend;Mr.Charles.D. Ogwal-Agea for Commissioner for Education,Western Province ,both arrested from Fort Portal /Toro,driven to Kampala State Research HQ-Nakaserro Dungeaon were they wrote their names in their own blood,recorded the date and time of their arrest and eventual transfer to the killer Dungeon were they were butchered according to one Dungeon survivor Mr.Apollo Okello-Lawoko [Former Director of Broadcating];Ministry of Information and Broadcating;himself a personal friend of my late father and one of the most emminent Pioneer of Pioneers in fields of electronic news gathering and broadcasting,i want to pay glowing tribute to him for writing a deeply touching book abt the gruesome murders of prominent Ugandan and other nationals murdered by Amin and his henchmen;yes these are rock solid reminder for posterity and future generations to learn from the tragic history of our nation,written in the blood of our own people.May all who met their violent death at the hands of the evil men/women who took their sacred lives,be rested eternally in the presense of God up yonder in that mansion in heaven where the only thing there created by man are the scars in the hands of Jesus.R.I.P all our departed kinsfolks.Finally i want to personally thank my good freind and dear brother,beloved Daudi Kololo for courageously putting up the sad,sad,sad saddest links above,may God bless and keep you safe;best of the best;warmest good wishes for the new year from me2u.GBU.Amen.

Today in History: Updated on 11th Feb 2016

Exactly 39 years ago on a day like today,my late father Mr.Lakayana Acika.C.Y.O was brutally murdered at Nakasero State Research Dungeon in Kampala,Uganda.Lakayana Senior,the lanky one on the right (standing) was born on 23rd January 1935 in Lango,Northern Uganda,murdered on 11th February 1977.He was one of the pioneer radio broadcaster from Lango.He worked in local government by the time he was murdered.RIP

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Museveni Survived.

How Museveni survived public execution

The suspected guerrillas fighting Amin’s government had been tracked and captured since December 1972 across the country before they were court marshalled in Kampala and sentenced to death by firing squad.

In Summary:

Cheating death. Early this week, President Museveni, in a letter to the media, referred to an incident in Mbale, where he narrowly survived death while his other associates were killed by soldiers loyal to Idi Amin in the 1970s. Faustin Mugabe revisits the incident the President talked about.

Today 40 years ago, President Yoweri Museveni and a dozen of other fervent freedom fighters survived death by firing squad orchestrated by the brute President Idi Amin. On Saturday, February 10, 1973, 11 suspected Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) rebels and one robber, Badru Semakula, were executed by firing squad in public in the four regions of the country.
The suspected guerrillas fighting Amin’s government had been tracked and captured since December 1972 across the country before they were court marshalled in Kampala and sentenced to death by firing squad. The military tribunal chaired by Lt. Col. Ozzo found the 11 guilty of treason by involving in rebel activities against the sitting government.
The tribunal, which sat Makindye Barracks in Kampala, decided that the 11 rebels and one robber be shot dead in public in their home villages in front of their parents, relatives, friends and colleagues.
This was done to deter any rebel activities as well as Kondoism or thuggery in the country. FRONASA, a military group, was established in 1971 by Ugandan exiles in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to fight Amin – and was led by Yoweri Museveni.
In his book, Sowing the Mustard Seed, page 57, President Museveni wrote: “We began infiltrating arms into Uganda around May 1972, some to Kabale, some to Atiak and some to Kampala. Those in Kabale were kept by James Karambuzi and Joseph Bitwaari, who were publicly executed by Amin in 1973. The ones in Kampala were kept by Haruna Kibuye, and those in Atiak by Akena p’Ojok. We also developed cells in Tooro, Mbarara, Mbale and Jinja.”
The February firing squad.  

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