Thursday, 20 February 2014

Keneri Obita Achellam

Killed in 1972

Very little has been written about Amin’s victims, their lives, and the lives of their families who still endure the pain that Amin’s brutality inflicted on them.

We hope to change the mindset that people have, i.e. whenever they talk about Amin’s victims, only the manner of their deaths are discussed, but not what they stood for, or their contributions to their country Uganda.

As people who were alive during that era die one by one due to old age, natural causes or other calamities, it is our hope that some will share what they know about any of the victims herein.  Information can either be written on the comments section of the victims herein, or discreetly sent to this address

Monday, 3 February 2014

5th March 1971. 371 soldiers killed

371 Soldiers are believed to have been killed at Makindye barracks.

Frugence Musoke

Cousin of Nanziri

Genesis of murder:

According to Jane Mukasa Sserunjoji, prior to the kidnap of Nanziri, the same men from State Research Bureau had picked up Nanziri's best friend and cousin, Frugence Musoke who they allegedly used as bait to take away Nanziri from her residence without resistance or attracting attention from University students. Musoke then an accountant with East African Development Bank has never been seen again and relatives believe he was also killed. The kidnap and murder of Nanziri followed many other unexplained incidents at Makerere University that put Amin's regime under a magnifying glass.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Mr Ben Kiwanuka

Benedict Kiwanuka; Democratic Party leader, first Prime minister of Uganda and Chief Justice at the time of his death. Kiwanuka had angered Amin by releasing a European, for lack of evidence, on the ridiculous charge of stealing a telephone directory from a hotel.

Mystery of Ben Kiwanuka's Murder.

Ben Kiwanuka to be remembered: