Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lt. Col. Valentine Ochima

Lt. Col. Valentine Ochima; Amin's ADC

Extract of letter to Amin by Kibedi. "LT.-COL. OCHIMA: at the time of your coup in January 1971 and in the months following the coup, Ochima worked at least 20 hours a day for you. In those early days he was your Press Office, public relations man, A.D.C., bodyguard, special emoy, all at the same time. Where is he? Liquidated.

Ochima, an Alur with a following in the Army, was imprisoned in july 1971 and shot the following year.  After the invasion of Uganda by Ugandan exiles in 1972, Amin accuses all Madi of drunkeness and removed them from sensitive positions.  He then called Madi elders to explain to them the crimes of their sons.


Ms. Edith Bataringaya

Wife of Basil Bataringaya murdered three years after her husband.

Nicholas Stroh

American Journalist.

on july 7, 1971, two american journalists – nicholas stroh and robert l. Siedle (also a lecturer at makerere university) – set out to investigate the masaka army barracks massacres. On arrival at the barracks, they were arrested on the orders of lt. Col. Ali and to this day they have never been seen again nor their bodies found.


Ahmed Oduka

Director of Police band

Bandmaster in the police.

Director of Music Uganda Police. Fled to Mombasa but returned on Amin's assurance of safety. Bludgeoned to death within minutes of return. Amin admitted his death but insisted that Oduka died of fright when soldiers pointed guns at him.

According to Amin's Cabinet Minister:
Ahmed Oduka was one of the men who had reported that Amin planned to assassinate Obote on return from Singapore. He had fled immediately after the coup to Mombasa. One of Amin's men visited him there in march and told Oduka that it would be safe to return. When he arrived, he was taken to see Amin, who asked him to record a statement at Makindye prison. The meeting was friendly, but as soon as Oduka left, Amin ordred him to be "taken to Malire" There his skull was smashed in with a club. News of the murder reached Amin while I was with him. He was telephoned by Brig Bogere, who reported the facts of Oduka's death. Amin turned to me and said coldly, "Oduka is dead" as if reporting the completion of some trivial task. I already knew better than to react in any way... 

Source. Henry Kyemba. Amin's former Minister of Health.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Abdul Kidega

Police Officer:  Brother of Colonel Nyero

Murdered by Amin's henchmen in the 1970's.  Please update info hereunder or send information pertaining to this grotesque crime to apinyi99@yahoo.com

Friday, 4 January 2013

Captain Agona

He was killed at the border between Uganda and Tanzania, he had been trained in Britain as an engineer and was working as a Soldier in the Army.