Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mrs Anna Okoya

Mrs Anna Okoya, wife of Okoya was killed by Amin

Monday, 24 December 2012

James ........

Brother of Sophie Ayoti and Matthew Owano, a brilliant UEB boxer.  James was shot dead while driving in a UEB Landrover in Kampala in 1973.  According to the driver, a Soldier waved the vehicle and the driver did not see him so he opened fire.

The driver drove him to Mulago but he died on his way to Mulago.

Anyone with details of this incident should update it in the comments section

Santos Titi

He was shot dead at Bonanza Night Club Kitintale by plain clothes operatives in december 1977. Several people were apprehended and it would appear that the non-Acholi were freed while he, being an Acholi was shot dead with another Acholi from Kitgum.


Soldier (Private) based in Masaka. He was killed in 1976 in Masaka.  He was picked from his house by his fellow Soldiers and Killed.  In the morning the Army organised transport for his family to return to Anaka - Pa Duny.

Marcelo Odur

Soldier based in Jinja- Magamaga.  Warrant Officer. He was Killed in 1972.