Friday, 29 November 2013

Mr Benayo Olak

Son of the soil from Padibe, Mr Benayo Olak standing right, wearing the grey suit his brother (John Odoki Obol 11) who is currently rwot of padibe is standing next to him. The ladies are their respective spouses.

Abducted by Amin's Soldiers on 27th January 1971, he hasn't been seen or heard from. His body hasn't been found.

Mr Benayo Olak(RIP) was the son of Mrs Mary Lamunu aka "Langole" and Rwot Obol Lacito of Padibe Kal, Lamwo county, Kitgum District. He worked as a branch manager of Barclays Bank in Jinja but later joined the Uganda Army as a "Pay Master". He was resident in Gadafi Garrison barracks in Jinja. He was abducted by Amin's soldiers when he was on the way home on 27th January 1971. This was the last time his family heard from him. Although under detention he was able to telephone to say that they had been rounded up and were being detained by Amin's soldiers. His body has never been found.

Benayo olak was the elder brother to Mr Dent Ochan Ojara (RIP)who worked as an operations manager at Hima cement factory.Benayo Olak is survived by his wife Mrs Gertrude Adoch Olak and sons Mr Charles Otto-Olak, Mr John Odoki-Olak Mr Peter Olak and several Grand Children.
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