Saturday, 8 March 2008

Mass Murder (Kabale)

Arsen Mbonyebyombi, while travelling from Kabale was picked up at a road block and bundled onto a military lorry full to capacity with civilians. They wer driven a few kilometres and while he was lucky enoughto be saved by a soldier friend, the rest were shot and burried in a shallow grave near the road.

Friday, 7 March 2008


Killed by Amin

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Samson Ocen

Commissioner of Prisons, killed near Mutukula in 1972. He was together with Odur Odula.


Killed in Mbarara 1972


Killed in Mbarara 1972

Orach pa Awa

Killed in September 1972. Ambushed during withdraw

Ministry of Information officials

One evening an unsuspecting UTV operator and producer rolled a film on at peak hour and the whole square head of Obote came on national TV scree. Ten seconds were enough to knock Amin and military spokesman into fits. The following morning heads rolled. Five seniour Ministry of Information Officials paid for it with their blood. Investigations exonerated them poshumously.

Massacre in Unyama (Gulu)

Individuals from Atyak, Palaro and Akokoro were intercepted at Unyama near Gulu and massacred.

Massacre in Tororo

Langi teenagers were intercepted in Tororo and killed. They were on their way to exile 1971.

UPC supporters

Hundreds were killed, in Gulu shortly after the coup

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CID officers

The CID officers involved int he investigations of Okoya's death were killed. On of them was killed in broad daylight as he fled from Gulu bus park towards Pece stadium.

Major Nyeko

At Malire (Lubiri) military barracks in Kampala 32 officer who were recalled from Onama's compulsory leave were herded into a cell. Major Nyeko managed to slip a note on toilet paper to his family that the end had come. They were blown up

Monday, 3 March 2008

Sergent Adal Lugwamoi

Sergent Adal Lugwamoi tried to flee, he was arrested at Karuma bridge and thrown into the river. When ever we cross Karuma bridge, that memory touches us alot.... Source (A relative)

Sergent Major Jackson Ongole

Lt Col Augustino Akwango was on his way back from holiday with my uncle Sergent Major Jackson Ongole.They camped at our home in Pece before they got a radio message to report back to Kampala in their base. Both of them were gunned down in the same spot in Lubiri. Source ( A nephew of the deceased....)

Matiya Akena,

ALG Kitgum,

Killed around cwero


Treasurer, Killed in 1972

Okidi Poromoi

Acholi Local government, Gulu; . Administrative Sec. Killed by Amin 1972

Ociti Laboke

Superintendent Ug Police, Killed in 1971 by Amin

Superintendant Ogaba

Superintendant Ogaba, UG Police Force;

Killed by Amin 1971

Sezi Ojok

Superintendant Ug Police Force;

Killed in 1971


Sunday, 2 March 2008

Matia Akena

killed in a bloody purge against Acoli by Amin

Coporal Onyac

Police Traffic Officer. murdered

Sgt Ocan

Police Special source p'ocr e

Second Lt. Lumoro Obol

stationed at Masindi. murdered

Sgt Maj Okullu


Maj. Odonga


Please await details.

Capt. Apenya Koloneri


Son of Eliya Aliker, Payira

Maj. Ilung of Atanga


Coporal Oyoo Olei

Killed 25th Jan 71

Sgt Major Otto – ALAI Marino

Sgt Major Otto – ALAI Marino of Malire Regiment Lubiri who was the youngest brother of Ocure murdered on 25th – Jan- 71,