Saturday, 29 March 2014

Okot YY

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Executed on trumped up charges in 1977

In september 1977, Amin publicly executed 12 people he accused of plotting against his government. Those executed at the Kampala Clock Tower on september 9, in what was termed “Death in the afternoon”, included Y.Y. Okot, former chief of education; John Leji Olobo, senior relations officer of ministry of works; Elias Okidi-Menya, former general manager of lake victoria bottling co; g Garison S. Onono, former principal of bobi foundation school; Julius Peter Adupa, former teacher in lira; Ben Ongom, businessman; Abdalla Anyuru, former chairman of the uganda public service commission; lt. Ben Ogwang, former intelligence officer at malire regiment; Daniel Nsereko, former assistant commissioner of police; Peter Atua, former principal officer with luzira prison; e. N. Mutabazi, former superintendent of prisons; John Kabandize, former senior superintendent of prisons.

The notorious col. Nassur Abdallah, the central province governor, had by this stage developed a dislike for slippers, which he considered bathroom attire. Once caught wearing slippers in the city centre, apart from being made to eat them, one was spirited off to nakasero state research bureau. Countless numbers of ugandans perished in the dungeons there.

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This was Uganda's hour of shame
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