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Lt Col John Ebitu

, Commanding Officer of the Ordinance Depot, Magamaga. Murdered!

Lt Col John Ebitu, was reported missing. March 1971.

Lt Col Oboma Ayumu

Lt Col Oboma Ayumu, Commander of the Border Guards, Fort Portal

On 5th March 1971, Oboma the commander of Boarder Guard Unit at Fort Portal, was arrestted at his brother-in-law's house, taken to Makindye and blown up with thirty two other prisoners.

Lt Col Tom Loyira

- Commanding Officer, Moroto Battalion

He was in hiding but he answered Amin's call for soldiers o surrender. He ended up in Makindye and was blown up.

Then it was Makindye Military barracks, similar killings of Acholi and Langi soldiers had continued since the coup. At least 82 of the soldiers on leave who reported to Makindye military barracks on 5th March 1971, were herded into the notorious “ Singapore ” cell and blown to pieces by grenades thrown inside the cell. Grenade blasts were heard all over Kampala prompting a statement from Gen Idi Amin in an effort to shield what his soldiers were doing to their own fellow soldiers as “soldiers destroying defective bombs”. Officers blasted at the “ Singapore ” cell included, Lt Col Tom Loyira

Col Maseura Arach

The commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade, Mbale, Col Maseura Arach who was also arrested in Jinja, was tortured and beaten to death; his penis was severed and shoved in his mouth, a practice which became more and more common across the country in cold blooded murder cases.

Following the deaths of the two COs, a bugle was sounded in the early hours of the 11th of July 1971, for soldiers to fall out (assemble); over 450 Acholi and Langi soldiers were isolated, then herded into what was a storage facility. Outside soldiers loyal to Idi Amin; were ordered to open fire indiscriminately at the facility killing all occupants.

Lt Col Albertino Langoya

At the Army School of Infantry In Jinja, the commanding Officer Lt Col Albertino Langoya was killed and his stomach split open with the use of a machete.

over 200 Acholi and Langi soldiers were killed in a staging reminiscent to that in Malire (Lubiri army barracks), in Kampala; some who managed to escaped, sought sanctuary in the Kakira Sugar Works plantation, they were hunted down with the help of the locals and killed. The slaughter of Acholi and Langi officers and men had started on a large scale across the country in army barracks.

Lt Col Agustino Akwango

In the army, the day after the Amin coup, the first batch of Acholi and Langi soldiers were killed at the Malire (Lubiri) Mechanized barracks, including its commanding officer Lt Col Akwango.

Lt Col Augustino Akwango was on his way back from holiday Sergent Major Jackson Ongole. They camped at our home in Pece before they got a radio message to report back to Kampala in their base. Both of them were gunned down in the same spot in Lubiri.... Source Nephew (........)


Kibedi's writing to Amin ": a Langi officer who fought on your side in the coup. Liquidated (with
others) at Magamaga in July 1971, simply because of his tribe."

ONZIMA (Captain)

: at the time of the coup he captured Gulu Air Base for Amin, which was no
easy task since Gulu had resisted the military takeover. Where is he? Liquidated without trial.

Refouled from Kenya to face death in 1973 together with Capt Aswa.


: he worked closely with Amin in setting up the "State Research Unit", which operated
from Amin's office,' and he became first head of that unit. Where is he? Gone missing.... Liquidated

Hereunder is what Kibedi wrote to Amin Re: Ozi
"In October, 1973 you dismissed MAJOR OZI, Chief of the "State Research Unit" "because it has
been proved that all subversive activities including kidnapping and killing of people were carried out with the knowledge of Major Ozi". You accused Ozi of having issued documents to Kondos (robbers) "who went round claiming that they were from the President's Office", and further claimed that "some of these documents, bearing the signature of Major Ozi are now in the hands of the Military Police". You never put 0zi on trial of any kind, nor did you produce the documentary and other evidence claimed to incriminate him. After your accusations, Ozi simply went missing."


(liquidated in September 1972), who was at the time the Administrative Secretary of
Busoga District (the most populous District in the country), and RUHESI(abducted together with Kasigwa)


was Manager of a small business in Jinja at the time of her liquidation in December


a local trader in Jinja, where he was liquidated in September 1972.


was Personnel Manager at Nyanza Textiles Ltd., Jinja, at the time of his liquidation
in September 1972.


was Town Treasurer of Jinja Municipal Cauncil at the time of his liquidation
in September 1972.


A Czech-trained engineer, who at the time of his liquidation in February 1973
was working at Makerere University.

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John Kabandize

, former senior superintendent of prisons.

E. N. Mutabazi

E. N. Mutabazi; former superintendent of prisons

Peter Atua

, former principal officer with Luzira Prison

Daniel Nsereko

, former assistant commissioner of police;

Killed by Amin

Ben Ongom

Ben Ongom, businessman

Julius Peter Adupa

Julius Peter Adupa, former teacher in Lira;

Garison S. Onono

Garison S. Onono, former principal of Bobi Foundation School

Elias Okidi-Menya

Elias Okidi-Menya, former general manager of Lake Victoria Bottling Co;

Ben Ongom

Ben Ongom

Erisa Kironde

Uganda Red Cross Chairman .

Joshua Luyimbazi-Zake

Joshua Luyimbazi-Zake

Capt. Avudria

Capt. Avudria; Uganda Army.

Norah Amin

Norah Amin, Divorced.

Capt. Sam Aswa

Capt. Sam Aswa;

Kibedi's writing to Amin "CAPTAIN ASWA: as Warrant Officer Class II he made the very first official announcement after the coup, reading out the 18 reasons and introducing you to the people of Uganda. Where is he? Liquidated without trial."

Warrant Offier Aswa who read the 18 points ushering in the military dic tatorship, and had been promoted to captain, died. After being rewarded with a huge hardware shop left by an Asian, he sold the stock, left fro Nairobi and lived lavishly in big hotels. When his turn came, the Kenyan Governement repartriated him. He was arrested and taken to Amin. Aswa's crimes were never disclosed. A doctor who saw the body in the mortuary at Mulato Hospital said he was shot in the forehead, the bullet going through the back of the neck. However the postmortem report in the Voice of Uganda said he died of shock.

Are you related to Aswa, are you one of his children? What is your take on this? Do you have any information?. Please write.

Anil Clerk

Anil Clerk; Lawyer

Haji Ali Kisekka

Haji Ali Kisekka; Pioneer Journalist, Deputy Minister in the East African Community

James Ochola

James Ochola; Obote's Minister for Local Government

Augustine Kamya

Augustine Kamya; Founder of the National Movement that organized the economic boycott of the late 1950s. Businessman, Kampala

Mathias Omuge

M. Omuge;  Liquidated

Director of Uganda TV.

David Ocaya

Murdered in 1972

David Ocaya; Corporation Secretary, Lint Marketing Board

Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985

 By A. Kasozi

Elizabeth Mawagi

Elizabeth Mawagi; Lawyer

E.R.K Mawagi

Lt. Col. Lugonya

Lt. Col. Lugonya; Uganda Army H.Q.

Leonard Kigonya

Leonard Kigonya; Commissioner of Prisons

Patrick Ruhinda


Murdered in 1972

Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985

 By A. Kasozi

Henry Berunga

Regional Director of East African Railways

E.W. Nakubinge

Mayor Kampala

James Bwogi

Director UTV.

TV viewers vividly recall the drama he staged on the occasion of the rmoval of the bronze casting of Obote's sculpture from the archway of the approach to the Uganda Parliament buildings. He demonstrated his production ability and rhythimically ortrayed the dislike for Obote the villain, and glorified the new regime. One would have thought his programme meritted an appreciation or a reward. Instead,, soon after and for an unknown offence, Bwogi was killed by the same people he had glorified. His real crime was never made public and he was soon forgotten by friends and foes alike.

Henry Kagoda

Commissioner of Veterinary Services

Killed by Amin


Corporation Secretary of the National Insurance Corporation.

Professor Emiru

Government Consultant physician. liquidated.

eye consultant, Mulago Hospital

Brig. Hussein

Deputy to Amin at the time of coup

it is important to point out that the Army Chief of Staff, Brigadier Hussein is among the first non Acholi or Lango officer known to have been killed; he was severely beaten and his severed head was delivered in an armoured personnel carrier (APC) at Amin’s residence, later known as the “Command Post”.

Mohammed Hassan

Chief of CID under Obote

On 5th feb 1971, Hassan was killed and his body is believed to have been delivered to Amin.

Fabian Okware;

Commissioner of Prisons under Obote, Amin's Minister of Agriculture.

Godfrey Kiggala

Foreign Service official -murdered presumably because of an affair with one of Amin's secret mistress

L. Ssebanakitta;

Kabaka's right hand man and Principal Chief in Buganda.

Joseph Mubiru

Governor Bank of Uganda. Murdered in 1972

Dr. F.G Ssembeguya

Member of Parliament

John / William Kalema

Obote's Minister of Commerce and Industry. Murdered by Amin.

Jimmy Parma

Photographer with the Voice of Uganda was murdered after he took pictures of Bloch's body. His body was found riddled with bullets and lacerated by knife wounds.

Gaudin Odwong


Killed by Amin

Abdullah Anyuru

Was shot Dead in 1977

Brigadier Guwedeko

Brig. Smutts Guwedeko; Alleged compliance in Okoya murder

Airforce Commander.


Ali Picho

Obote's Secretary of Research

Killed in 1972

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Express FC Victims

Express Football club became known as "Club of the dead" because so many of its officials and supporters had ben murdered. In any Army-Express match the army team had to win If it lost, the crowd would be in for a beating for being anti-army.

Mass Murder (Mutukula)

Immediately after the coup, about 800 officers from the police, army and obote's secret police, GSU had ben arrested and detained in Luzira prison. Among them was a friend of mine who told me what happened. On december 29th 1971 after almost a year's detention and many futile attempts to have them released, they were all blindfolded and transferred by buses under army escort to Mutukula prison. There 45 officers and between 250 noncommissioned officers were slaughtered. They were buried by those who still survived. On January 25th the first anniversary of the coup, Amin announced a general amnesty for all detainees....... H.Kyemba

Mass Murder (Jinja)

Hundreds of Acholi and Lango soldiers were murdered in Jinja. The acting commander at Jinja was Colonel Suleiman, a relative of ~Amin's.

Mass Murder (Mbarara)

Hundreds of Acholi and Langi soldiers were massacred in mbarara in early July 1971

Mass Murder (Sudan)

Several hundred people - Soldiers and civillians fled into Sudan intending to join Obote. They were stopped by Sudanese guerrillas and later executed on Amin's orders.

Mass Murder (Lira)

Of the several hundred Langi and Acholi soldiers who had obeyed Amin's call to report back to their barracks at Lira, scores were bayoneted and trhown into the Nile.......H Kyemba

Mass Murder (Malire)

Thirty two senior Langi and Acholi officers were herded into a room and blown up with explosives.