Thursday, 31 December 2015

Joshua Wakholi

Joshua Wakholi; Obote's minister public service

A picture of what was happening in uganda's prisons in those first months was given to David Martin by J.W. He retired into private life, but was arrested and taken to Makindye prison. he was placed next door to Singapore, reserved for those condemned to death.

Wakholi reported that 36 army officers and one corporal were shot and slashed to death by three or four soldiers. The next morning, he was among those told to go into Singapore cell and scrub up the remains. The floor was a quarter of an inch deep in blood. It took six hours to clean. Along with the blood, there were pieces of skull and teeth, brain tissue and empty shell cases........ H.Kyemba

First Mugisu minister, Wakholi, killed by Amin
On the morning of January 25, 1971, former public service and cabinet affairs minister Joshua Wakholi was at his home in Entebbe preparing to go to office in Wandegeya.…/641634-first-mugisu-minister-w…