Friday, 4 April 2008

Oburu Zefania

- (from Zefania Ochieng Oburu's family - was in Nairobi) - returned to Uganda in the late 70s and was murdered allegedly for being a rebel. Used to call himself Moburu (M. Oburu) to avoid being O

Odoi Rieza

- buried alive by Amin's men as they(Amin's soldiers were fleeing away after the overthrow of Amin)


- Commissioner of Agriculture (Aki's or Odoi Onyango's brother?)

Samsoni (from Mwelo)

- arrested together with Ochola - murdered possibly to avoid eye-witness to Ochola's murder

James Siras Malilo Ochola-Ondowa

- Minister for Regional Development in UPC I government - buried alive