Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ahmed Oduka

Director of Police band

Bandmaster in the police.

Director of Music Uganda Police. Fled to Mombasa but returned on Amin's assurance of safety. Bludgeoned to death within minutes of return. Amin admitted his death but insisted that Oduka died of fright when soldiers pointed guns at him.

According to Amin's Cabinet Minister:
Ahmed Oduka was one of the men who had reported that Amin planned to assassinate Obote on return from Singapore. He had fled immediately after the coup to Mombasa. One of Amin's men visited him there in march and told Oduka that it would be safe to return. When he arrived, he was taken to see Amin, who asked him to record a statement at Makindye prison. The meeting was friendly, but as soon as Oduka left, Amin ordred him to be "taken to Malire" There his skull was smashed in with a club. News of the murder reached Amin while I was with him. He was telephoned by Brig Bogere, who reported the facts of Oduka's death. Amin turned to me and said coldly, "Oduka is dead" as if reporting the completion of some trivial task. I already knew better than to react in any way... 

Source. Henry Kyemba. Amin's former Minister of Health.

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