Thursday, 31 December 2020

Cruel Blood thirsty

To understand Amin's reign of terror it is necessary to realize that he was not an ordinary political tyrant. He did more than murder those whom he considered his enemies: he also subjected them to barbarisms even after they were dead. These barbarisms are well attested. It was common knowledge in the Ugandan medical profession that many of the bodies dumped in hospital mortuaries were terribly mutilated, with livers, noses, lips, genitals or eyes missing. Amin's killers did this on his specific instructions; the mutilations follow a well-defined pattern. After Gofrey Kigala was shot in 1974, his eyes were gouged out and his body was partially skinned before it was dumped outside Kampala. Medical reports on deaths of Shaban Nkutu, Lt.Col Ondoga etc stated that the bodies had been cut open and that a number of internal organs had ben tampered with...... H. Kyemba (State of Blood).

How Idi Amin Killed Janani Luwum.

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On several occasions as Minister of Health, Amin insisted on being left alone with his victim's bodies. Such was the case when Brigadier Arube was murdered in 1974. Amin came to see the body while it was in the mortuary; he ordered the deputy medical superintendent, Dr Kyewalabaye to "wait outside". Amin then went in by himself....... Source H.Kyemba.


Andrew Ojwang Blackburn said...

Mr Kololo, I'm not sure how to contact you so I hope that you will at least see this. I have been very intrigued and interested in your blog since I recently discovered it. I was orphaned and I am trying to uncover my past. It hasn't been easy, it isn't easy as I haven't made much progress at all. Please keep up the good work and contact me if possible using this blog system. thankyou.

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please, I would like you to add the name and picture of my father Robert Scanlon, you can read about my search at
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Cherie Scanlon

gavin said...


I plan to visit Uganda this month and was wondering whether you could direct me to some places. I would like to pay my respects to those who fought Amin at the State Research Bureau HQ at Nakasero and Makindye Prison in particular. I do not want to ask around on the ground in Kampala if I can avoid it, to avoid appearing insensitive. I understand that the torture chambers at Mengo are now a memorial, but the other sites are not.

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Joanna said...

Please let me know how to add my father
Dan Kakonge...1979 march..killed in Nakasero state RB...i would like to know if anyone knows why he was killed and how he may have died.