Sunday, 29 January 2012

Michael Ondoga

Michael Ondonga; Foreign Minister in Amin's Government

Ondoga was fired and replaced by Princess Bagaya as foreign Minister. From then on he was followed everywhere. Eventually, they waylaid him while he was taking his daughter, Pearce, to er school, which happens to be close to the heaquaters of the State Research Bureau.... As he drew up in his car, a State Research vehicle pulled alongside. Several men leapt out, surounded Ondoga's car, and ordered him to get out. Then in front of his daughter, several teachers and many parents they beat him up. He tried to resist, but he was a smal man, and nobody came to his aid. it was clear to all those watching that this was another bird for te kill. One of the attackers was a Nubian Presidential bodyguard, a notorious killer known as Hassan. He and his henchmen forced ondoga into the SRB car while one of te thugs helped himself to Ondoga's car

Ondoga, according to Dr Crawden who did the post mortem, was stabbed and shot. his ribs broken an his head battered in. His relatives were prevented from seeing the body.

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