Friday, 20 February 2015

Mr Alex (Alija) Latim

Killed by Amin's Men 1979

It should be remembered that the late Bataringaya (also murdered by Amin) was the Leader of the Opposition (1962-1964) as a Democratic (DP) Party Secretary General who crossed to the ruling party, the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC). After his decision to cross, Alex Latim (RIP) took the mantle and martialed the Opposition through.

Very little has been written about Amin’s victims, their lives, and the lives of their families who still endure the pain that Amin’s brutality inflicted on them.

We hope to change the mindset that people have, i.e. whenever they talk about Amin’s victims, only the manner of their deaths are discussed, but not what they stood for, or their contributions to their country Uganda.

As people who were alive during that era die one by one due to old age, natural causes or other calamities, it is our hope that some will share what they know about any of the victims herein.  Information can either be written on the comments section of the victims herein, or discreetly sent to this address

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Lisa Lavender said...

Well written piece and thank you ever so much for highlighting one of the great forgotten heroes. May he rest in peace and may his legacy live on.

Lisa Latim Lavender