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Mr Charles Oboth Ofumbi

Left, murdered by Amin 1977.
The killing of archbishop janani luwum, lands minister and former inspector general of police erinayo oryema and interior minister charles oboth-ofumbi on february 17, 1977, marked the climax of amin’s bloody repression.
After these murders, amin took a ruthless and sweeping decision: all remaining acholi and langi soldiers were to be eliminated. After all, he had allegedly uncovered a plot to overthrow his government in which the archbishop and the two ministers were a part.

Ofumbi knew too much to stay alivePublish Date: Apr 23, 2013

The family of former Internal Affairs Minister, Charles Oboth Ofumbi who was brutally murdered on February 16, 1977, speaks out for the first time about the pain and the tragedy they went through.

By Charles Etukuri
At the family home in Nyamalogo, Mulanda in Tororo district, Ofumbi’s widow, Elizabeth, recalls the last conversation she had with her husband.

“I had travelled to pick our children who were studying in St. Andrews Turi in Kenya when he called me. He sounded different on the phone and he said he was going for a stormy cabinet meeting but was not so sure he would come out alive. ‘Pray for me and should anything happen, please make sure that you give the children the gift of education,’ were his last words to me,” she recalls.

With those words, Ofumbi drove to Nile Mansions (now Kampala Serena Hotel) where President Idi Amin had called a special ministerial meeting. Amin had invited diplomats, the press and religious leaders.

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