Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mr James Apinyi

Uganda Police Officer

Mr James Labalpinyi Apinyi (1936-1971) RIP

Born in 1936 at Laguti Lacek-Ocot to Manaci Lacona Dire (Son of Rwot Awic)of Payira Kal and Maria Ladwong. Apinyi attended various schools including St Alosius Virika, Fort Portal where he obtained his Cambridge School Certificate. He was one of few young ugandans who were selected to join the Uganda Police force as Assistant inspector-trainee. He qualified in 1959 with distinction. His diligence aptitude and good conduct soon earned him a scholarship to do a crash Officers course at Catterick in England. He was then promoted to an Assistant Supreintendant of Police (ASP). He was again promoted to Senior Assistant Superitendant of Police (SASP) in 1969 and transferred to the Special Forces.

Apinyi was abducted by Amin's Soldiers in the early months of 1971, dragged away and has never been seen again. His remains have not been found up to today. Apinyi was a prompt Officer, pleasant to work with and was liked by his superiors and subordinates alike. He was a gentle and understanding person. His Family, relatives and friends have missed him since that sad morning.

Below: 2nd from Left or right: On his wedding day in 1966: Apinyi was killed by Amin in 1971.

To this very day, the where abouts of Mr Apinyi's remains are unknown.
The bodies of most of Amin's victims were clandestinely disposed of or mutilated beyond recognition, never to be recovered by their families. The vast majority of the victims are unidentifiable for this reason.

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