Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Shaban Kirunda Nkutu

Nkutu was a minister under former President Milton Obote, who was overthrown by Amin in a coup, and the uncle of Amin's first wife. His 1973 killing shocked Ugandans

Killed in 1973:

Wanume Kibedi Nkutu's nephew wrote this to Amin: "SHABAN NKUTU, my own uncle, was abducted from his home at Jinja in January 1973. Local citizens put v.p a determined fight to try and save him, but they were overwhelmed by the gang of assassins. The following day you ordered a statement to be put out saying that Nkutu had run away, and that anybody who saw him should inform the police. At the time of Nkutu's public abduction I was in Ghana leading my country's delegation to the OAU Liberation Committee of which I was outgoing Ch.airman. When I heard of the officia, statement alleging that Nkutu had "run away", I knew he must have been liquidated because, as every Ugandan knew, that was the kind of statement you liked to issue to cover up the work of your assassins.

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