Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Balusaba Lutoo Bar Lucima

Balusaba Lutoo Bar Lucima (UPC Branch Chariperson) Murdered.

Outside of the military, Acholi local UPC and cooperative society and district council leaders who were all rounded up and killed, were done with the collaboration of local  Acholi DPs, who went from place to place, betraying their kin, that they were UPCs or loyal to Obote. In Madi Opei, Mateo Oling (chairperson Land Board); Nathaniel Ochoo (cooperative secretary), Timoni Obonyo (Chairperson  cooperative), Amitayo Olak (Parish Chief of Pobura) and Balusaba Lutoo Bar Lucima (UPC branch chairperson) were  extra-judicially executed; excepted for my uncle Balusaba,
 the rest have never been found or their graves known. This pattern was repeated throughout Acholi, and probably Uganda. I remember, another prominent Cooperative guy from  Patongo or somewhere there who used to come to our house in Madi Opei, his name was Okidi something Moi, he also  suffered the same fate. I am sure if we are honest, many other Acholi from other parts of Acholi will tell the same  story.

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