Friday, 22 February 2013


Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985

 By A. Kasozi

On 17 September 1972 a joint invasion of armed exiles was launched from Tanzania into southern Uganda.  It was a fiasco.  Wary of Obote's return, some Baganda peasants living in the area leaked news of the invasion to Amin.  In any case, the exercise had been badly planned, and the incident gave Amin the excuse to eliminate his opponents in the county.  In the Ankole/ Masaka area, Amin rounded up and killed many of those who had UPC sympathies or were presumed to be collaborating with the invaders.  It was in this period that Ben Kiwanuka was Killed.  Mbarara, the area to the southwest that the guerillas had penetrated, witnessed brutal eliminations.  Most of those presumed to have been supporters of Milton Obote were killed, including Basil Bataringaya, a former minister, Tibayungwa, Bekunda, Rwabashoka, Kanyonyore, Kabaterine, Kansinsi, and hundreds more.  

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