Saturday, 26 September 2015


Any suspect was instantly presumed guilty and eliminated.  Between January and August 1972, in a wave of intensified political violence, political prisoners who had been locked behind bars because of their presumed opposition to the Amin regime were killed.  Most were members of the Police, the GSU, and the Civil Service who had served Obote with loyalty, including the brass of the Police Central Intelligence Department, which had investigated Amin's part in the murder of Brigadier Okoya.  The victims included Mohammmed hassan, the chief of /CID, Festus Wawuyo, his deputy, and Ochungi, another deputy in the CID.  Twenty Acholi/ Langi Military bandsmen who had been arrested and put under the care of Major Hussein Marella in December 1971 were also killed in this period, reportedly on Amin's orders.  Hundreds of people were trapped in the vicious circle of violence.  All the members of these paramilitary units used violence for their own selfish motives: the demarcation line between officially sponsored and private violence was very thin.

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