Wednesday, 17 February 2016

John Ntesibe

February 17,  2016

The jailed footballer who carried Archbishop Luwum’s body

“We, however, got a major shock on seeing the third body. It obviously belonged to a religious man who was dressed in religious attire and with a red collar around his swollen neck.
Because his face was in a very bad shape, apparently as a result of torture (being a Catholic) I first mistook him to be Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga who was then the Archbishop of Kampala. However on more careful observation, I came to realise that this one was much taller and darker.”

Ntensibe is the one who carried the archbishop’s body to the store or cell and according to him, he seemed to have died a few minutes or hours before since he could still feel the warmth of the body. The archbishop’s body had a very deep bullet wound in the head and it appeared he had died after being shot in the head or face because unlike the other two, the rest of his body appeared a bit alright.

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