Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Capt. Sam Aswa

Capt. Sam Aswa;

Kibedi's writing to Amin "CAPTAIN ASWA: as Warrant Officer Class II he made the very first official announcement after the coup, reading out the 18 reasons and introducing you to the people of Uganda. Where is he? Liquidated without trial."

Warrant Offier Aswa who read the 18 points ushering in the military dic tatorship, and had been promoted to captain, died. After being rewarded with a huge hardware shop left by an Asian, he sold the stock, left fro Nairobi and lived lavishly in big hotels. When his turn came, the Kenyan Governement repartriated him. He was arrested and taken to Amin. Aswa's crimes were never disclosed. A doctor who saw the body in the mortuary at Mulato Hospital said he was shot in the forehead, the bullet going through the back of the neck. However the postmortem report in the Voice of Uganda said he died of shock.

Are you related to Aswa, are you one of his children? What is your take on this? Do you have any information?. Please write.

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