Wednesday, 30 January 2008


: he worked closely with Amin in setting up the "State Research Unit", which operated
from Amin's office,' and he became first head of that unit. Where is he? Gone missing.... Liquidated

Hereunder is what Kibedi wrote to Amin Re: Ozi
"In October, 1973 you dismissed MAJOR OZI, Chief of the "State Research Unit" "because it has
been proved that all subversive activities including kidnapping and killing of people were carried out with the knowledge of Major Ozi". You accused Ozi of having issued documents to Kondos (robbers) "who went round claiming that they were from the President's Office", and further claimed that "some of these documents, bearing the signature of Major Ozi are now in the hands of the Military Police". You never put 0zi on trial of any kind, nor did you produce the documentary and other evidence claimed to incriminate him. After your accusations, Ozi simply went missing."

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