Monday, 9 March 2020

Bishop Janani Luwum

How Idi Amin Killed Janani Luwum.

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Idi Amin with Archbishop Luwum. Note the pistol at the side of Amin. He was said to have used it shortly afterwards to murder the Archbishop.

Bishop Luwum was tortured and killed by Amin and Minawa Farouk at Nakasero State Research Bureau torture chambers in 1977.

We forgave Amin, says Luwum family

This Month (February 2012) marked 34 years since the death of Archbishop Janan Luwum, who was allegedly murdered by State Research Bureau, an intelligence outfit under President Idi Amin’s regime. His son, Ben Okello Luwum, the former minister of Lands from 1986 to 1990, Auditor General and now a private accountant, talked to Risdel Kasasira about the death of his father.
1. Could your father have done things differently to avoid death or having confrontations with Idi Amin and to what extent should religious leaders get involved in politics?
Amin and his men were terrible people. Just seeing you drive a beautiful car; you are dead. If his soldiers liked your house, they would kill you. So, I don’t know the kind of answer I can give but I know he handled it well because Amin would kill for any reason.
There was no rule of law. Every religious leader is like I and you. They can comment about political issues whenever they get an opportunity because like any other Uganda, they should ask questions about political decisions in the country.

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