Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Robert (Bob) Scanlon

Robert Scanlon (fourth from left) carrying Amin, went missing shortly after this event.  Like the hundreds of thousands murdered by Amin and his regime, his body has not been recovered, does anybody know what happened to him? Why was he murdered? When? Where?  Where are his remains?

Please see appeal by his daughter hereunder.
My father, Robert (Bob) Scanlon went murderedormissing (MoM?) in Uganda in 1977.  This was during the Idi Amin years. I just wonder does any one out there have any information which might help to discover what happened to him and why?
my father is the second from the left, the one with the moustache
My brother said he was told petrol was poured on my father in a room at the state research bureaux and he was set on fire. My brother did not feel that this was the truth.

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