Friday, 3 February 2012

Lt. Col. Toloko

Lt. Col. Toloko was in charge of killings at tororo and fort portal

Hereunder is Kidedi's statement to Amin Re: Toloko

"In January, 1973 you said of LT.-COL. Toloko: "When Lt.-Col. Toloko was Comnmanding Officer of Boro and Tororo, there was a lot of misunderstanding and disappearance of people including the District Commissioner of Bukedi. . . . Since Lt.-Col. Toloko was brought to the headquarters to be under close observation there is now peace in Tororo."

Although it can be acknowledged that Toloko was indeed responsible for the disappearance of many people, the fact remains that when you found out all about him, you never put him on trial for his crimes. Instead you transferred him to General Headquarters for "close observation" . A few months later Toiako was dragged away from the Grand Hotel, Kampala, screaming for help against what he called "dangerous men who are going to kill me". Toloko was never put on trial for his crimes, he was simply killed. Despite your past statements on the disappearances, and despite the people who have been condemned to death, and executed, for allegedly causing the disappearance of people in Uganda, you have none the TRANSITION 49 less appointed a j~~dicicaol mmission to "inquire into the disappearances" . No doubt, you hope that the
commissioner will blame somebody else for, or at least exonerate you from these crimes.
If you appointed not one but 10 "judicial commissions" to inquire into the disappearances, they would not be able to exonerate you. Nor would they be able to serve a.ny useful purpose as long as you remain in power since, as all Ugandans know, you are the'main culprit. The only commission that could be of use would be one charged with responsibility for assessing compensation to be paid to the thousands of Ugandans who have been rendered widows and orph.ans as a result of the reign of terror."

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