Friday, 3 February 2012

Paul Sserwanga

On March 5, 1976, a student of the Faculty of Law at Makerere University, Paul Serwanga, was shot dead by an army captain who had developed an interest in his (Serwanga) girlfriend

BY FRED GUWEDEKKO, 5 JULY 1998Uganda: 1976: Idi Amin becomes 'Dr'

Kampala — President Amin addressed Makerere on March 8, 1976 over the shooting of law student Paul Sserwanga in Kampala. After the address, State Research agents and military policemen arrested three suspected student leaders of the anti-Amin demonstration staged the previous day.

The security officers demanded for the ring leaders of the demonstration that had been chanting anti-Amin slogans. Students sent a message to Idi Amin through the chairman of West-Nile Makerere Students Association, Oman Kokale, of Lumumba Hall that they were to march to Amin's command post if their three colleagues were not released. The three were immediately released but military police with State Research agents then appeared at Makerere to arrest Kagata Namiti, his roommate Sabiti, Opoka-Okumu and Bugeni-Bwolya.

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