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Samson Ddungu

Samson Dungu (RIP) Murdered.

Former Presiden of the Uganda Guide Post and businessman, shot after acquittal in court in front of nearby Y.W.C.A Hostel. (His advocate Ssebunnya was imprisoned and badly tortured.)

How Obura Killed Samson Dungu.
Perpetrators of such heinous crimes such as the former deputy head of the notorious Public Safety Unit (PSU) Kassim Moses Obura were after the fall of the regime in 1979, caught up in the cob-web of justice and could not survive the hangman’s noose.
Obura had, according to reports, brutally killed a famous Kampala businessman.
Obura appears in court
Shortly after he was arrested on October 13, 1980, Obura appeared in the Kampala High Court presided over by Justice Benjamin Odoki to answer a murder charge levelled against him.
Obura was accused of murdering Samson Dungu a Kampala businessman. His former immediate boss at PSU and co-accused Ali Toweli at the time of death was still at large when Obura came face-to-face with justice in the courts of law.
Throughout the court proceedings, Obura faced a total of 21 witnesses, who pinned him on the murder charge before he was sentenced to death.
On October 29, 1980, Obura faced state witness Enos Sebunya, 38, who testified against him. Sebunya is now a practising lawyer based in Toronto, Canada. He told court that on November 23, 1973, Obura, using his pistol shot in the back and killed the hand-cuffed Dungu. 
Before shooting Dungu, he told him to face the wall, Sebunya told court.
Dungu was a co-owner of the famous Delite Cinema in Kampala, the court heard. And after Dungu, Obura ordered Sebunya and two other prisoners to load Dungu’s dead body onto the police Land Rover, Sebunya testified before court. 
The state witness had earlier told court how he and Dungu were arrested from Buganda Road Magistrate’s Court and YMCA premises respectively by the PSU men after a shooting incident.
While Dungu was bundled into the boot of a white Mercedes-Benz, Sebunya was forced into a Land Rover and taken to Naguru PSU headquarters, where Ali Toweli ordered Sebunya to remove his shoes, jacket and tie and reportedly started beating him.
Sebunya further told court that shortly before Dungu was killed, he heard him cry out for mercy as he screamed: “Obura do not do it. Let someone else do it. You are my brother-in-law”. Court records reveal.
Another witness Lameck Muwanga, 37, a brother of the deceased, told court that upon his brother’s arrest, he raised Shs54,000 and gave it to Obura to release Dungu.
Although Obura had asked for Shs55,000, he accepted the given money and released Dungu; but one week later he was rearrested and charged with stealing Shs54,000 from Delite Cinema. Muwanga an accountant with the Delite Cinema told court.
Obura’s lawyer Protazeo Ayigihugu on November 14, 1980, admitted before court that his client released Mubiru and Senkuba after receiving Shs54,000, but added that it was to settle the matter with Lt Brown Ondongo who had arrested Dungu and others – and that when Dungu was re-arrested, Obura advised the deceased to get a lawyer.
Dungu’s co-accused A. Mubiru and M. Senkuba both employees of Delite Cinema and Topista Namusisi, a Grindlays Bank cashier, were also crossed-examined by the defence counsel in connection with the same forged cheque and other documents at Delite cinema.
Other former prisoners at the PSU who testified against Obura were Fred Kabuuka who said he saw Obura shooting Dungu dead, Makumbi, and Dungu’s father who told court that Obura had threatened to kill his son if he did not plead guilty to the charge put against him by the PSU.

Obura sentenced to hang 
On January 22, 1981, Obura was sentenced to hang by the then Kampala High Court Judge, Justice Benjamin Odoki. 
While delivering judgment, Justice Odoki told Obura that he was satisfied with the prosecution witnesses and assessors that he had maliciously and unlawfully killed Dungu. 
Before Odoki sentenced Obura, he asked him if he had anything to say.
Speaking in English Obura said: “My Lord, as from the beginning, you have heard all the evidence. I have nothing to say but I still maintain my innocence.”

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