Monday, 23 February 2009

Brig. Yorokamu Bwendero Tizihwayo

He met his death during the liberation war 1979. He was arrested by State Research Bureau agents in Kasese and taken to Kampala. That was the last of him seen alive.

We urge our contacts who know about the disappearance and death of the late Brig. Tizihwayo to file us a story on this.
There were some commanders in the Uganda Army who were collaborating with the Ugandan armed groups in Tanzania and he could have been one of them and therefore arrested by the SRB.

On the other hand, there were men who used to pose as SRB agents but were in reality working for Ugandan exiles or the Tanzanian government. They could have picked him up.
We would appreciate any feedback from people who know of what happened to this gentleman because his relatives are still deeply concerned. - Radio Katwe Manager

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