Monday, 23 February 2009

Lachere Okot

He was set upon at Naguru by a team of four Uganda Army Personnel dressed in combat/ Uniform driving a Mercedes Benz 220 in 1978. The witness can only remember the first three letters of the number plate i.e. UGG ***. Lachere had a big wrist watch that seemed to be the
reason for his misfortune.

One of the soldiers accused him of being a guerilla and quickly demanded his wrist watch. As the accuser fastened his newly acquired wrist watch, the other three started to mercilessly beat-up Lacere who unsuccessfully stressed he wasn't a guerilla. Lacere was knocked out cold and squeezed into the boot of the Mercedes, he has never been seen again. His Mother known locally as "Alyaka" a resident of Naguru Katali slum was still searching for him believing he might show up some day in 1980 when the witness last saw her.

It is believed he was taken to the nearby Naguru Public Safety unit where he was blugeoned to death.

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